They Tried To Help Him But He Just Got Worse…Because He’s Allergic To Humans

One of the most common allergens for people is animal dander, which is why no one bats an eye when you mention you can’t snuggle with Fluffy or Fido because you’d probably break out in hives. Sure, it’s all too common to be allergic to dogs and cats…but have you ever heard of a pooch who’s allergic to humans?

That seems impossible…right?

Meet Adam.


A year ago, he was rescued from the city pound by Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue.


They thought getting him back on his feet, so to speak, would be as simple as providing him with a healthy diet and a stress-free environment…


But this pup just wouldn’t heal.

The sores on his skin put him in so much pain…


That he was almost euthanized to stop his suffering.
In order to prevent furthering the irritation, the shelter gave him a cone.


After months of failed treatments and extensive blood work, they finally found out that Adam had a slew of allergies.


He was allergic to certain outdoor plants, cat dander, human dander, house flies…the list went on.

While you might think all of the pets and cuddles the cutie got were what was causing his sores, a specialized dermatologist told the shelter otherwise…


Turns out, Adam also had an autoimmune deficiency called pemphigus foliaceus, which is essentially an allergy to one’s self, where the cells that keep the skin together do not cooperate with one another.

Once they discovered the underlying cause, Adam was able to recuperate.


The handsome pup is now in the caring hands of a member of Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Beth Weber. She gives him his daily medications, bathes Adam every three days, and alternates shampoos each time.

All of the care he needs is definitely worth seeing that smile! Just look how far he’s come.


He’s now a very playful pup, who likes to fall asleep in fresh, clean laundry, even though he knows he’s not supposed to!

(via The Dodo)

While it might seem like an odd condition, being allergic to human dander isn’t that uncommon for animals — crazy, right? The more you know!

You can always donate to Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue if you want to see more smiling faces like this guy in the future, and be sure to like them on Facebook, too!

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