They We’re Filming A News Story About A Fallen Soldier’s Dog When The INCREDIBLE Happened!

Justin Rollins is a fallen soldier who spent his final days in Iraq with his adopted puppy. In fact, there was a photo of him cradling his puppy the night before he was killed. So to honor Justin, his mom, Rhonda Rollins, asked the army for help to find the puppy that her son loved so much. And thanks to their efforts, the puppy is now with the Rollins family in New Hampshire.

And while ABC news was interviewing Justin’s family about the puppy, something incredible happened. While the cameraman was filming Justin’s beloved dog, a heavenly light shone down the dog. It was as if Justin’s spirit was looking after the dog! Watch the video below!

The light was like a sign from Justin, that he was watching over his family and his dog too. Whatever the skeptics may think, I think that moment was truly precious and so beautiful.

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