Things That Dogs And ONLY Dogs Look Cute Doing

1. Fart in another person’s face.

2. Pee on the floor out of spite.

3. Eat a shoe, ‘cuz why not?

4. Bite someone’s dick by surprise.

5. Eat crayons and literally taste the rainbow.

6. Happily steal children’s meals.

7. Eat a wall.

8. Sneak into a stranger’s house.

9. Lick dead animals.

10. Fall to the floor for no apparent reason.

11. Sneeze into another person’s mouth.

12. Scare the shit out of a turkey…and then eat that shit.

13. Trample your brother and break his foot.

14. Poop in a Roomba’s path.

15. And finally, pee on someone while they sleep.

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