Things to Look For in a Dog Friendly Vehicle


Most people know what they’re looking for when hunting for a new vehicle. Listed below are a few tips for dog owners to keep in mind. Not everyone takes their dogs into account while car shopping. Most owners, however, do bring their dogs along on short trips to the store or long road trips. Why not factor them in while researching a new ride?





Sometimes it’s easier for a dog to jump in and out of a hatchback. The door is wider, opens higher, may seem less likely to fall on the dog than the narrower backdoor. It also is easier to lift/transport crates and haul doggy supplies.

Large Cargo Area

By having more room to move, a larger dog could stretch out nicely in roomy style with a blanket and pillow. Most new SUV’s come with hooks to clip a leash if needed to restrain a roamer.

Pet Barrier

Several makes offer a built in pet barrier. There are even more makes and models offering the capability to add a barrier. A pet barrier helps with teaching dog boundaries and keeps the driver safe from a seat hopper.

Rear Vents

Having a vent in the rear of the vehicle where the dog is, keeps the air circulating. It cools a dog off in the summer and keeps a dog warm in the winter.

Sun/Moon Roof

This feature is well loved for the owner who resides with a dog jumper. By having a vehicle with a sun/moon roof the dog may benefit from the fresh air without putting him in harm’s way. It also eliminates the temptation to leap out of the car while it’s in motion.

In Floor Storage

Incredible invention for the curious dog; by stowing the groceries, grandpa’s retirement cake or an expensive pair of prized roller derby skates in the floor of the vehicle Rover won’t be tempted to sample the goodies.

Removable Liner

Looking for easy clean up after those muddy camping trips? Find a vehicle with a removable cargo liner. Pull it out, hose it down, and put it back. Another alternative is to find a cargo area with no carpet. Either one makes cleaning the back of the vehicle a snap.

Child Proof Locks

An over excited dog and an unlocked door could be a recipe for disaster. Most cars come with child safety locks. These are handy little latches that prevent a door from opening on the inside. Another feature to look for– window locks; these prevent over eager dogs from rolling the window up while hanging out of it, enjoying the wind through their fur.

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