This Abandoned Dog Was Completely Frightened of People But That Changes Immediately Once He Is Rescued

J.J. Woofin Paws Rescue Agency specializes in finding people the perfect dog for them to adopt. Their mission is to find a loving forever home for dogs in need.

One day, they were contacted about a stray dog who had been abandoned at a gated baseball field. He sometimes wanders over to a business parking lot. The employees fed him and gave him water, but they could not get near him.

J.J. Woofin Paws Rescuers went over to the area to rescue him. The dog was found resting under the shade of some bushes. As they tried to go near the dog, he gets scared and runs away. He retreated to the gated field where the rescuers were having a hard time reaching him, then he hid and was nowhere to be found. So the rescuers went to get some food to lure him out. Watch the video below and see what happens next!

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