This Adorable English Bulldog Puppy Fell Asleep Hugging His Stuffed Pig. Get Ready To Fall In Love

I have to warn you all that this video is way to adorable to watch. I watched in once, and then i watched it again, and then again, and now I have no idea how many times I watched this video. For all of you who already have a puppy you should know better that every little thing they do is just adorable. When they sleep they look adorable, when they walk they look adorable, when they eat they look adorable and this is how the story goes. Everything they do is just too cute to handle. And when you see that this adorable English Bulldog puppy falls asleep hugging his stuffed pig, you will instantly fall in love.


Even though the video is just too short, i can see all the features that make him soo freaking cute. Look at that little pink nose you guys, and those little cute paws that move as soon as they hear a small sound. What about those wrinkles in his chubby adorable belly filled with milk? i just love the way he has hugged the stuffed pig. I am not sure if he wants to make it visible for all that the pig belongs to him, or maybe is he trying to get as comfortable as he can during the nap.

All i can say for sure is that puppies are a real blessing to our world. They make us appreciate things more. They also make us more responsible, and committed to something that is going to be with us for a very very long time. I just can’t get enough of that cute little face. For more please watch the video below, and let me know how much in love did you fall with this little cute adorable fella!

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