This Adorable French Kitten Is Winning Hearts With His Perfect Mustache

For most men, it takes years to cultivate facial hair. But this little kitten was born with the perfect 1970’s mustache!

When Romain and Sabrine first met O’Gringo, the 3-month-old kitten was already eager to flaunt his unique feline look. “I tried to play with him to make a connection, and he started purring and giving us cuddles,” Romain told Love Meow.

The pair quickly fell for the mustachioed love bug, so invited him home to become part of their family. There the kitten quickly bonded with the French couple’s 4-year-old rescued cat, Milko, who seemed thrilled to have such a distinguished-looking new friend!

The cats began spending their days playing, napping, and creating mischief around the house. “He is full of life, happy and has a really nice personality,” said Romain of the frisky kitten. “He loves to play, climb the curtains, and jump around.”

The kitten’s antics even include a couple of tricks, especially when this little fur-baby is seeking treats or affection from his human friends. “He has a habit of standing on his back paws like a meerkat, and can stand like that for a couple of minutes,” said Romain.

Unsurprisingly, O’Gringo has grown into a handsome cat gentleman who purrs loudly when petted and enjoys bossing his older cat brother around. Even so, Romain and Sabrine have no regrets about introducing this characterful kitten into their family, because everything seems a little more fun with two cats in the house!

Check out this kitten’s adorable video below or follow him on Instagram!

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