This Baker Made A Dog Cake That Looks JUST Like Their Dog In Every Way

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? I’m sure a lot (if not all) of you do! And birthdays always comes with a birthday cake, right? Well this video is gonna blow your mind! This is one of the most amazing, life-like cakes I have ever seen!

Well this cake is actually not for the dog, but it’s for a beloved dad who loves his Labradoodle so much! Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes sculpted her dad’s Labradoodle for his birthday. And in 4 minutes, this video will show you how they worked in sculpting the cake and made it look like their Labradoodle! It’s actually 4 days of work compacted into a 4-minute video! Watch the video and see how these cake layers transform into a life-like Labradoodle cake!

Wasn’t that amazing? I was completely blown away by the result!

Have you ever had a birthday cake (or maybe cupcakes!) that was made to look like your dog? Share your photos and videos with us!

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