This Big Baby Really Missed His Dad When He Was Away At The Office All Day

It’s a known fact that when dogs’ humans leave home all day, they don’t know how to deal with it. You see, dogs don’t really have a sense of time, and once their families leave, they don’t know if they’ll ever see them again. It’s a heartbreaking part of every dog’s life, but it’s rectified immediately when the work day is over and their favorite humans come home for snuggles.

This giant dog wasn’t sure if he’d ever see his dad again, so when he returned home from work, the thrilled pup made sure he’d never leave again…until tomorrow.

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I think that dog probably weighs more than his human, which makes this even cuter. If I ever get trapped under an adorable Saint Bernard, I now know to just let it happen. There’s no way I could move that big guy, and I don’t even think I’d want to.

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