This Border Collie Is Famous in Brazil Thanks to His Soccer Skills

Meet Scotch, the Brazilian border collie. Scotch loves to play altinha (also known as keepie-uppie) on the beach with his friends for hours at a time.

Much like hacky sack, the point of the game is to pass the soccer ball around the circle without touching the ground or using your hands—which is super-easy, if you’re a dog!

Scotch showing off

Scotch can frequently be found on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, playing altinha or fetch with friends.

Scotch is pretty good at Frisbee too

Once in a while, Scotch gets to hang out with famous athletes and has been on TV with Brazil’s most beloved host, Xuxa.

Scotch playing with Soccer star Gabigol

This lucky and talented dog sure is living the dog’s life. We love you, Scotch!

Xuxa! The queen

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