This Bulldog’s Reaction to Budweiser’s Latest Puppy Commercial Will Make You Love Dogs Even More

We all loved that adorable Budweiser commercial of a puppy and his horse friends. We all fell in love with that cute puppy. And it turns out, it’s not only humans who loved that commercial! In fact, there’s a dog who loves watching it as well!

Everyone, meet Khaleesi! Khaleesi is an English Bulldog who just loves to watch the Budweiser commercial. No matter where she is, or what she’s doing, whenever the Budweiser commercial is shown on TV, she comes running to watch it! What’s even sweeter is that she totally feels the for the lost puppy that she’s happy when the puppy is finally home! Check out the video below and see her watching the commercial!

Awwww…isn’t she sweet?! You can see that she’s totally paying attention when she’s watching the commercial! Khaleesi is such a beautiful and sweet dog! Don’t you agree? Leave a comment for her!

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