This Car Seat Cover Is Loved By 4,000+ Dog Parents, But Also Please Look At These Pictures Of Good Boys

Attention, parents of good boys who like to go for rides! This waterproof seat cover is about to make those rides so much smoother (for you, your pups, and your car).

It’s designed to protect your car from all the less-adorable things dogs leave behind, like hair, vomit, drool, pee, and scratch marks.

It comes in two sizes, standard and XL (reviewers recommend getting the XL for trucks and SUVs) and it starts at just $19.99.

And literally thousands of dog owners (and dogs, according to the AMAZING review photos) are HERE. FOR. IT.

Because I know some of y’all are only here for the good boys, I’m just going to give you a quick summary of the things people love about this thing:

• It’s super easy to install — you just snap the buckles around the headrests and away you go!

• It’s convertible. You can use it as a standard backseat cover or else clip it to both the front and back headrests to create a pup hammock that has the additional benefit of preventing your little buddy from slipping onto the floor or climbing up front to say hello while you’re driving.

• It’s machine washable! ‘Ruff said.

• It has two pockets! Perfect for toys and treats! (Did a dog write this? I’ll never tell.)

Okay, fine, but WHAT ABOUT THE DOGS??? Like this good boy, who gives it a tongues up.

“Great item. Well made, well priced, and my Irish setter loves it! It also fit perfectly in my 2014 Corolla LE. Couldn’t be happier with this easy-to-use product.” —Victoria

Or these three, who are piling on the praise.

“It’s amazing. My dogs are kept on the backseat. I use a seatbelt and it keeps them organized I can then keep water and food back there and their leashes in the pocket. No more dirt or wetness on my backseat!” —Allison

“I used this for my two German shepherd puppies (they weigh 85 pounds each) to travel for about 12 hours over the weekend. It worked very well keeping the girls in the back of the truck and kept most of the dog hair off the seats. I was worried that it might rip because of the weight of the dogs, but I had no problems even when I had to make a couple of stops that caused them to put most of their weight on the part not fully supported by the seat. I was also concerned that it would be hard for the girls to jump up into the truck because of the cover being slippery, but they had no trouble at all.” —Michelle Mick

“This is probably the best $20 I’ve ever spent. Was super easy to install in my 2016 Ford Fusion. I like the two pockets to put a few items. I especially like the little flap that covers the SIDES of the car. To note, my puppy slid around a bit on it so I think I’ll grab a grabby-like blanket of sorts to give her a little more traction, but otherwise I’m excited to no longer have permanent dog fur on my seats!” —MeredithNCUS girl

“Okay this is just a great seat cover for pets. It has a zipper in the middle if your pet likes to lay on the console between the front seats. Anchors in the backseat keep everything in place, and the two pockets built in are great for storing pet supplies. Solid fabric that handles my dog’s nails well, and it fits my ’07 Honda Accord perfectly. Easy to clean and very well-made. Keeps my Lab/shepherd from climbing in the front seat to get out, which is very handy.” —Brendan J. W.

Or this sleepy good boy who loves cruisin’ and snoozin’.

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