This Cloud Has Internet Users Everywhere Debating: Cat or Dog?

If it weren’t for cute animal pictures, it’s likely the internet would be half as popular as it is today. And, it seems Mother Nature has read the memo, too.

After Reddit user jhvk found a furry-looking formation in the local atmosphere, they did like most, and posted it to the internet. It’s been commented on and shared in a few places since then, but the same question keeps coming up.

Is that a cat or a dog?

To be honest, the world may never know.

From one perspective, this is definitely a cat. Paws outstretched, possibly in mid-pounce, the fluffy white feline must be eying some celestial ball of yarn.

Look at it from a slightly different point of view, and you have a dog. It’s a gaseous good boy leaping up for some stratospheric chew toy. A puffy and playful white pup with floor to spare.

No matter which side you’re on, you likely won’t get the chance to see wild weather like this every day.

Well, maybe a few days out of the year. Another photo, submitted by Redditor Jaehnig70 shows a slight resemblance to a cat chasing a dog.

And another photo, from Twitter amount @NaturaMorta, shows what looks to be a cat and a dog, both riding atop a tortoise

Have you ever come across curious cloud formations like these? Share them with us!

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