This Collapsed Puppy Was Close To Death. Now Watch Her Miraculous Recovery

There are countless dogs living on the streets of India, with most in desperate need of care and shelter. But as the overwhelming volume of homeless dogs continues to grow, incredible organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited have come around, saving animals in especially devastating circumstances.

The organization rescued a puppy who was unable to stand after collapsing on the side of the road. They treated the poor girl for canine distemper, which is often fatal, but she was somehow eating and walking again within two weeks.

At the start, the video is quite unsettling to watch. Seeing that poor puppy lying in the street like that broke my heart, but seeing her so happy and healthy at the end made watching it more than worth it.

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  1. monica

    Animal aid they are awesome rescue help animals all around the world keep up.It tears me up when the dog wigs his tail and ya save him.I hope all the cute dogs get a good home.

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