This Creep Who Dumped His Dog Still Hasn’t Been Caught, But You Can Help

In Tampa, a shocking scene unfolded as surveillance cameras captured a heart-wrenching incident: a two-year-old Pit Bull mix was callously abandoned by her owner. This distressing event, sadly, is far from rare. The video clearly depicted the moment when the dog’s owner, showing a lack of compassion, deliberately let her out of his vehicle before coldly driving off, leaving her bewildered on the streets. In a fortunate turn of events, this abandoned dog found sanctuary at the Humane Society. Here, in this place of safety, she was not only provided with care but also given a new identity and an opportunity to start her life anew, filled with hope and the promise of a loving home.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of Dr. Jeffrey Kwitko’s clinic in Tampa, Florida at approximately 7:45 in the morning. The video showed a car pulling up, the driver releasing the dog, and then departing. Dr. Kwitko remarked, “By the time I came out, the car had vanished, along with the dog.” His assistant, who arrived shortly after, noticed a dog wandering down the street. Although the dog was only a block away, it took Dr. Kwitko and his colleague, Janine, an hour to convince the dog that she was safe and wanted.

Dr. Kwitko expressed his dismay, noting such actions severely diminished his faith in humanity. He and Janine took the responsibility to bring the abandoned 60-pound Pit Bull mix, now named Goldie for her distinctive eye color, to the Humane Society. Goldie, suspected to have been abandoned due to no longer being useful as a breeder dog, was in good health and will soon be available for adoption.

The Humane Society has reported an increase in the number of dogs being abandoned or surrendered. Dr. Kwitko hopes that by speaking out, he can prevent further such cruel acts and help in identifying the owner responsible for abandoning Goldie. Describing Goldie as a very sweet, albeit initially frightened dog, he highlighted the severity of animal abandonment. In Florida, abandoning an animal can result in a $5,000 fine and potential jail time, penalties that the head of the Humane Society believes should be more stringent.

The search continues for the indifferent owner responsible for Goldie’s abandonment. Please share Goldie’s story so the creep can be brought to justice!

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