This Doberman Is Amazing Following Instruction But It’s The Last Two Commands You Will Really LOVE!

Dobermans are the one of the most smartest among all dog breeds. These dogs are not just famous for their intelligence, but they’re also known for their loyalty. And not just that, Dobermans are gorgeous dogs, with a fit and athletic build and a proud, majestic stance. Beauty and brains–that’s the Doberman.

Because of their intelligence, Dobermans are very easy to train. And the Doberman you will see in the video below is very-well trained to follow various commands. We are so impressed with how smart this Doberman is; but it’s the last two commands that we really love! Check out the video below!

Awwww…he trained his dog to kiss and hug! And it’s so cute that the guy calls it “huggies”! A smart dog and an great trainer–what an awesome duo!

We sure hope this gorgeous Dobie got a treat after he obeyed all those commands, cos he definitely deserves it!

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