This Dog Can Play Ping Pong Better Than A Human!

I know dogs can be very sports minded and there are even events that highlight different sporting activities that dogs excel in… but ping pong?? Now that’s really amazing! Watch this Border Collie, he’s one smart dog and can play ping pong better than some of us! Plus, it looks like he’s truly enjoying playing the game!

He does give a lot of “mouth” though because he “talks” the whole time he is playing, which crack me up big time! This dog reminds me of athletes like Mohammed Ali. I’m sure if we could only understand what he’s saying, his monologue would pretty much be the kind that Ali, Mayweather and the likes would say. Now that’s enthusiasm but hush now doggy, let’s have a game, how about that?

Dogs never cease to amaze me! They are so smart and can do so many things that we can do… and sometimes even more! Share this video with other dog lovers, I’m sure they’re going to be in awe of this sporty doggy!

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