This Dog Dad Has A Brilliant Way Of Making His Dog Take Her Medicine!!

One of the issues that we dog owners go through is making our beloved dogs take their medicine. We know medicine can taste super icky sometimes, so we can’t really blame them if they don’t like it. But we also know the meds are for their own good, so we think of creative ways to trick them into taking them.

Now this dog dad has a brilliant way of making his Dachshund take her medicine. He knows that his dog is a shameless beggar and he uses that to his advantage. Check out the video below and see how this guy uses reverse psychology to trick his dog into taking her meds!

LOL! That was quite clever! He told his dog that she shouldn’t eat the meds, and when he “accidentally” dropped it, his dog gobbled it right up! Amazing!

We know that this may not be the perfect way to make dogs take their medicine, but I gotta hand it to this guy! That method was pretty smart!

Do you know of any tricks to make dogs take their meds? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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