This Dog Decides He Has A Better Trick Than The One Planned

Have you ever tried to do tricks with one of your dogs, while the other one is watching? For me, I find it a little difficult because they always try to steal off treats from each other. So when I try to let one of my dogs balance a treat on his nose, the other one would want to barge in to steal the treat, and end up ruining the other dog’s concentration.

That’s sort of what happened to the two dogs in the video below. One is trying to balance a treat on his nose. And he’s doing a pretty good job at it, he has great focus and concentration. But then here comes another dog and he’s about to ruin the show! Watch the video below and see what happens!

Awww…the look on that poor dog’s face seems to say, “He stole my treat! Aren’t you gonna do anything about it?” I think this dog deserves more treats for doing the trick and for being so patient! Don’t you agree?

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