This Dog Doesn’t Understand Why The Dog On YouTube Won’t Bark Back

Rocco, the French Bulldog is getting quite upset! He doesn’t know why the other dog is ignoring him. I’m sure he also doesn’t understand what the other doggie was doing. Now if he’s lying on his back and moving from side to side, is he in trouble? Does he need help? Rocco’s there to help him but the doggie seems like he’s having fun rather than trouble so why isn’t Rocco being included!!!

Poor Rocco, he doesn’t realize he’s just watching a doggie video haha! His reaction is too cute cos he looks worried and confused at the same time. On top of that, I think he was so curious that he had to get “closer” to the other dog and find out, “what’s going on here??!”

It’s okay Rocco, the doggie’s just playing! I bet Rocco’s mom had a good laugh filming Rocco’s funny reaction. Share this video and make someone laugh today too!

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