This Dog Goes Out Of His Way To Help A Friend Out Of The Car

It’s so adorable how dogs help each other. When one of them is in need of help, another member of the pack helps them out. Just like that cute video of a dog named Baxter who helps out his friend get ready to go to the dog park by picking up his leash.

The dog in the video below is just as helpful. He and his buddy is riding at the back of the car. And when they arrived at their destination, his buddy seems to be having a problem getting out of the car. So he helps his friend by getting out of the car first and then he pulls his friend’s leash so he could get out of the car. Watch the adorable video below!

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  1. monica

    That is wonderful he his best friend out the car that is great.It make’s tears up that is so sweet and they are so cute.

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