This Dog Has More Soccer Skills Than All Of Us Combined

What kind of activity is your dog into? Most dogs love to run, some love to catch and fetch balls or frisbees. Other dogs even love skateboarding! And some dogs love soccer! Just like that adorable dog named Kipper Mac! Other than being totally cute, Kipper Mac is also a soccer pro!

And now we have another awesome soccer player in the making! This dog totally rocks at hitting the soccer ball with his head. In the video below, he and his human are playing soccer, and every time the ball goes his way, the dog always hits it with his head! And he never misses! Watch the video below and see him in action!

Wasn’t that awesome! This dog has serious skills! I think he’s gonna be a very good soccer player!

Do you think you can teach your dog to do this? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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