This Dog Is A Real Life Angel To Those In This Nursing Home

This story will make your heart smile!
Say hello to Nala! She’s a teacup poodle who has taken the internet by storm in the past few days. Why? Well, Nala has become the adorable mascot to Lyngblomsten care home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Nala’s owner is medications assistant, Doug Dawson. He adopted her from a nursing home that he previously worked at.

While five-year-old Nala lacks formal training as a therapy dog, she has a knack for knowing when residents need extra love!

Therapy dogs (and other animals, too!) can be used in a variety of difficult situations. They can comfort those that are experiencing PTSD to comforting those that are fighting terminal illness. Dogs are incredibly empathetic and they have an incredible way of making nearly everyone feel better! Of course, if you’re a dog owner then you have already experienced this special skill of theirs! ☺

Is your dog especially good at sensing when you are upset or sick? Tell us about a time that your dog comforted you or someone you know!

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