This Dog is Delighted to Greet His Sanitation Worker Buddies

A dog in Merrick, New York, has made unexpected friendships in his neighborhood and ran out to greet his new buddies on May 10. Jessica Feldman shared a video, taken by her father, Andrew, of her dog Bo greeting sanitation workers as they collected trash for the garbage truck. Andrew said the footage only shows a small glimpse into the dog’s love for the workers. “On our Tuesday and Friday morning walks he gets excited as soon as he hears the truck more than a block away,” he told Storyful, “The howling begins and he starts dragging me down the block.” The workers also love running into Bo, who even start howling back at the pup. “They told me how they look forward to Bo brightening their day,” Feldman said. Credit: Andrew Feldman via Storyful

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