This Dog Is Potty Trained… To Use The Toilet

We all know that dogs are wicked smart, and with a little bit (or sometimes a whole lot) of practice and patience you will be amazed at the things that they can learn. Like this dog for instance… who proves to us that dogs really can learn just about anything with the right teacher!

Owen the dachshund  is one smart little dude. So smart, in fact, that he learned how to go pee in the potty! Yes, forget about puppy pads or getting stuck out in the rain or blazing heat walking your dog, this dog is using the toilet! Well, his proud owner may still need to travel outdoors for bathroom breaks, because the other dachshund, Nauti, is just watching in amazement. Take a look:

Kinda makes me wonder how she got Owen to do that?! You think he remembers to flush, too?? Share this funny video with your friends, because this is definitely something you have to see to believe!

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