This Dog Is Quite The Chatterbox…But Not Everyone Is Interested. Very funny!

Communicating with our dogs is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of raising fur babies. Though we understand one another’s moods and general attitudes, it often takes a lot of training on the human’s part for our pups to understand what we’re trying to say. It’s even more frustrating from the doggies’ perspective, though. They sometimes very clearly have something on their mind they’d like to express, but they just can’t get through to us.

The result? A hilariously adorable yet flustered dog voicing her concerns while her entertained owner records and, of course, tries to translate.

It gets even better, though, when at the very end of the clip, the babbling French Bulldog’s doggie sibling launches on her, stopping the soap box mid-whine. We’re not sure if that second dog is trying to comfort her or say “enough!” but either way, it’s adorable.


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