This Dog Is Torn Between Two People Who Love Him… And What They Decide To Do Is Incredible…

Dogs really are amazing companions – they help their humans through so much, and offer such unconditional love and support. This is a story of one special dog who had that kind of impact on not one, but two different people.

Spike is a talented, loyal dog who served with U.S. Marine combat veteran Jared Heine when he was overseas. The pair did everything together, and the adorable photos prove it. Heine says he and Spike were inseparable during his time serving. When he returned home, the Marine began dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and his concerned mother decided to track down Spike, the furry pal her son talked so fondly about.

Thanks to social media, she found him! Spike had been transfered to Virgina, where he worked in the K-9 unit for the Capitol Police. For two years, he and officer Taylor had established their own special bond, and she was more than reluctant when Jared showed up interested in adopting Spike.

It’s an absolutely beautiful story of two individuals who were touched so genuinely by this loving pup. Watch the clip below to see who Spike ended up with:

Can you imagine being in either the officer or the Marine’s shoes? Such a difficult situation – they both love Spike so much. Do you think Officer Taylor made the right decision?

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