This Dog Lead Rescuers To A Creek…What They Found – WOW.

Get ready for an incredible story about the power of communication between dogs and humans.

Hero is an appropriately named dog in Texas who lead rescue workers from Dallas Dogrrr (Rescue, Rehab, Reform) to 10 abandoned puppies and their exhausted mom.

Hero, also a stray, started barking at Anna Kooiman, a rescuer with Dogrrr. She said she had seen him in the neighborhood before, often with another dog known as Mona, who was nowhere in sight now. Kooiman had never witnessed that kind of barking from Hero, so she immediately knew something was wrong.

Amazingly, Hero barked and barked as Kooiman and her friend followed. He continued barking, and eventually lead them to a creek by the woods. There, they found a struggling Mona and her 10 newborn puppies, all of them fighting for survival.

Because of Hero’s quick and persistent response, all of them are doing just fine and are rehabilitating in a local shelter. Hero is there too! All of the dogs involved in this heartwarming story will be available for adoption after they gain their strength and health. Watch Kooiman and Hero tell their story below:

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