This Dog Might Love Baths More Than Anyone Else Ever

While it may be cold where you live in, in some parts of the world, (especially those living in tropical countries) it’s very warm. So to beat the heat, some would go on a trip to the beach, or maybe just take a dip in the pool in their backyard.

This family may not have a pool, but they found a clever way to refresh themselves and have fun! In the video, you’ll see two children taking a dip in some sort of makeshift tub. It looks like a big plastic basin. And when the camera pans to the left, you’ll see the dog has his own tub too! And by the look on his face, you can tell this doggy is so relaxed while enjoying his bath! Check out the video below!

He looks so relaxed, doesn’t he? I just love how he looks so comfortable in his tub!

Does your dog love relaxing in the pool? Share your stories and your videos with us!

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