This Dog Runs In Front Of A Car At Night. You Will Not Believe What The Dashcam Caught.

Dogs are very clever and smart animals. But when it comes to crossing the street, some dogs just don’t know how to do it. So what would you do if a dog darts in front of your car, and it seems you may have hit the poor thing? Anyone who cares about dogs, or animals in general, would go out of the car immediately, check on the animal, and help if the poor creature is hurt; just like the woman did in the video below.

A dog crosses the street right in front of the woman’s car. She didn’t know if she hit the dog or not. Concerned that the poor dog may be hurt, she got out of her car and checked on the dog. Watch the video and see what happens next! I bet you’ll never expect how this one ends!

I bet no one expected that was a commercial! LOL! Who would’ve thought the dog was just acting? And who would’ve ever imagined that the dog would steal the car! It was the dog’s plan all along, and the woman fell for it!

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