This dog runs to catch the ball, when he comes back? OMG

Have you ever thought that your dogs miss you very much during the day. We all know that we are the only ones they have, so without us their life feels so empty. Have you notice that when you go to work, your puppy waits for you to come back; behind the door all excited and happy? That happens when you have a regular 8-hour job, 5days a week. Well think about this: What happens if the owner of a dog is  a soldier who serves the country for the most part of the year? You will see what happens in this video below when this dogs runs to catch the ball, when he comes back he will see something really special!

As i said the father of this German Shepherd is a soldier, and he makes a surprise to his beloved dog. Looks like one of his friends agreed to trick the dog by throwing the tennis ball a little bit too far. The dog runs after the ball, but when he comes back, he sees daddy standing right there next to him. You will see how the dog reacts, and I can tell you that he is crying in the inside. The emotions are so strong, this dog can’t handle it.

It is just priceless to see these kind of reunions because they are super duper emotional. I really can’t watch a dog that cries. To me dogs should always be smiling; therefore they should be forever happy. In my opinion it is not fair for dogs to suffer. If you know that you can’t handle a dog, then don’t get one. It is really easy to pick a dog from the shelter, but we should all be aware of the commitment and care a dog needs to have.–QU

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