This Dog Saves Her Human’s Life On A DAILY Basis…And The Way She Does It Is Pretty Amazing

The Tingums struggled to help their son, Garrett, cope with his autism on a daily basis. Family outings were out of the question, as Garret would dart impulsively into the street. But then something amazing happened…and it had four paws and a wagging tail.

Tender Loving Canines provided Garrett and his family with Ruby, a trained service dog who has completely changed their lives for the better. Ruby’s custom vest tethers easily to a corresponding belt and leash, worn by Garrett. This unique arrangement allows the two of them to walk as one connected unit, which means she can prevent him from running off.

It also means peace of mind for the nine year-old’s parents, and an improved quality of life for the entire family. Thanks to Ruby, the Tingum family can finally function together in public and enjoy the activities so many others take for granted.

Watch the awesome story here:

Way to go, Ruby! It’s so amazing to see just one dog have this kind of impact on a whole family. Service animals like Ruby really do change lives, and it’s clear that Garrett is safer and happier with his new best friend. Share your thoughts below!

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