This Dog Was Called ‘Too Yucky To Live,’ But Now He’s Living It Up!

There’s something uniquely horrifying about animal abuse, and what’s even worse is when people neglect animals to the point where they can no longer tolerate the fruits of their own abusive labor. That’s what happened to a poor little pup named Nik Nak. After letting him fall victim to severe neglect, Nik Nak’s old owners told a vet to put him down because he was “too yucky to live.”

That’s when the vet contacted Sidewalk Specials, which is a shelter that cares for dogs like Nik Nak. With some love and care, this dejected little guy made an incredible comeback. Check him out in the video below!

How could you not love that precious little face?


Renamed Newman, this incredibly brave dog is finally living the happy life he deserves. All it takes is one act of kindness to completely change a life — and save it in the process.

To learn more about the shelter that gave Newman a second chance, be sure to check out their website!

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