This Dog Was Dumped In The Desert But From The Moment Of Rescue Her Tail Never Stopped Wagging

J.J. Woofin Paws Rescue Agency is a volunteer non-profit organization that rescues dogs and specializes in finding you the perfect dog to adopt. Primarily, they rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in Los Angeles, and as well as dogs who are abandoned by their owners.

One day, they received a call about a dog wandering in the Palmdale Desert. It seems that the poor thing has been dumped on this deserted area by a backyard breeder. When they found the dog, her fur was severely matted. They couldn’t even determine if the dog was a boy or a girl. She was in a horrible condition, but that didn’t stop her from wagging her tail when she saw them. It’s like she was so happy that somebody found her and rescued her. Watch the heartwarming video below and see her amazing transformation!

Isn’t Dorothy a beauty?! She’s such a good dog too! What a sweetheart!
Because of these kindhearted people, Dorothy was able to find a loving forever home!

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