This Dog Was Imprisoned For Years, But What Happened To Her Is Incredible

When you first see Coconut, you will think she is the sweetest little dog ever. You will be correct, of course, but this wasn’t always the case with her.

Coconut only got to know love after she was rescued by the ASPCA from a traumatizing life at a puppy mill. The poor dog was kept in a cage for the bulk of her life. When rescuers arrived at the scene, she seemed quite agitated and nervy around them, often biting them when they got too close.

Yet things were about to change for the better for Coconut. The love that her new human friends showed her got her to start trusting people. As you can see in this beautiful video below, she actually started to love being around people.

What a remarkable recovery, and to think it took only 6 weeks! Coconut is clearly a strong dog, and it’s wonderful to see this program in place now. Too many dogs are labelled “aggressive” when just time and patience can turn these dogs around. All they need is time to gain confidence, and a whole lot of love from us.

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