This Dog Was Not Allowed On The Bed, Then They Found Him Doing This

Do you allow your dog on your bed? While some dog owners love to sleep beside their dogs, others are a little strict with regard to who can sleep on the bed. But there’s a saying, “When the cat is away, the mouse will play”. Well in this case, when the human is away, the dog will…umm…break the rules and sleep on the bed!

Well that’s exactly what this dog did. This dog is not supposed to be allowed on the bed. But when his human came home, what he found is his dog, sleeping on his bed like a human! With a pillow on his back, and his legs wide apart, this dog looks so relaxed as he’s resting on his human’s bed! And although the guy has strict rules when it comes to dogs on the bed, he couldn’t help but give in to this adorable moment! So he got a camera and took a video! Check out the video below!

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