This Dog Was On The Brink Of Certain Death. What Happened Is AMAZING… Especially The End.

Imagine yourself alone, hungry, and with no one in the world to care for you. Think of the fear that living on the street can bring to you. Think about facing impending starvation on a daily basis simply because so few people care to take an interest in your needs. This is the life that a small dog named Billy-G faced at six months of age.

The dog had been abandoned in the parking lot of the National Museum of History in Los Angeles, California and had gotten so nasty that you would think he was gray but in fact he turns out to be white. Hope for Paws was notified of the dog’s plight and came to the rescue.

The score that accompanies this video is called “Better Days” by David Luttrell. The repetitive line is “I’ve seen better days” and it certainly fits the state of Billy-G when he is finally rescued. The song captures the feelings an abandoned animal must have in terms that a human can recognize and understand. The blues song certainly fits the dog’s looks and living situation.

The little white dog running away in fear from his potential rescuers will just break your heart. The dog is terrified of people. The probable reason is abuse by his former owner and possibly the negligence of people that come to the museum but do not have the heart or time to help a stray animal.

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