This Dog Was Trapped In A River With No Way Out. What These People Did – WOW!

Nothing makes me happier than a good doggie rescue story. This one is particularly moving, since it required a group of community members to band together and think creatively to help the struggling pup.

Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles based non-profit animal rescue organization, received a call from concerned neighbors about a German Shepherd dog who was trapped in the shallow L.A. river. The poor dog had no way to get out for miles and miles…he was totally trapped. Concerned residents in the neighborhood who noticed the situation fed the brave boy for weeks until they figured out how to handle the unique situation. It was difficult to access the dog with the 20 ft drop, and they had no way of lifting him to safety.

When Hope for Paws learned of the trapped dog, they immediately teamed up with the concerned neighbors to formulate a plan. With a ladder and makeshift contraption, they descended to help the dog, later named Biggie.

Biggie was initially reluctant to approach the rescuer, but soon he warmed up and remained calm as volunteers above pulled him to safety. Such an incredibly story of teamwork and genuine kindness for an animal who needed it. Watch Biggie’s story here!

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