This Dog Who Just Stole Something Is Not As Sneaky As He Thinks!

Dogs can be so sneaky sometimes. Whenever dogs steal something, they usually wait until there are no witnesses around. And when the coast is clear, they quickly grab whatever it is they wanna steal, and then make a quick getaway!

However, there are some dogs who are not so talented in being sneaky. Just like the dog in the video below.

This dog found a toilet paper roll in the bathroom and he goes ahead to steal it. But little did he know that someone was in the room, filming the entire crime! But what makes this robbery so hilarious is the way he tries to get away from the scene of the crime! Check out the video below!

LOL! He tried so hard to be sneaky but he failed! Not only did he fail to check if the coast was clear, but he also failed in making a smooth and quick getaway! His crime got caught on camera too! What a funny little thief!

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