This Dog Will Never Walk, They Said. Put Him Down, They Said. Now Look At Him!

Mick is a puppy who was born with a severe disability called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is a deformity where the limbs of the puppy splay to the sides. The puppies just lays flat on his/her stomach, unable to stand, sit, and walk. Puppies who are born with this deformity are euthanized most of the time because this kind of disability requires a lot of therapy.

But luckily for Mick, he was taken in by The Mia Foundation. With lots of love and care, Mick was able to find his legs. They were able to guide him and he slowly learned how to crawl and walk! Watch the video below and see how this sweet pup was able to find his legs through love and care!

Awwww…it’s so wonderful to see Mick take his first steps! A million thanks to the loving and caring people who helped this pup learn how to walk! You guys are amazing!

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