This Dog’s Owner Dropped Him Off At A Prison…Just Wait Until You Learn Why

For disabled Americans, a well-trained service animal can provide tremendous physical and emotional assistance, adding to their quality of life on a daily basis. But before those animals have the chance to help someone in need, they of course need to be equipped to do so. And sometimes, that happens in the most unlikely of ways…

NEADS is one of several programs throughout the United States that pairs prison inmates with puppies and leads them through the training process. Once training is complete, the service dog is transferred to its permanent home, where he can put his hard work to good use. Joey Correa is an inmate who participated in the program, and he says it’s the best thing that could have possibly happened to him.

Correa spent three months teaching Chase, the energetic, loving Golden he was paired with through the program, to turn on lights, open refrigerators, and do chores. Now, this talented service dog is in his forever home with Sergeant Austin Bercher. The wheelchair-bound soldier has Correa to thank for his beloved companion, so he decided to do just that!

In the video below, Correa and Chase meet again for a sweet, moving reunion.

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