This Dog’s Reaction To Getting Stuck In A Bush Gave Me Some Serious Giggles

If you’ve owned a dog, you know that they get themselves into some pretty wacky situations. They’re incredibly curious creatures, always sniffing things out, going wherever their little noses lead them.

For this pup, though, it led him into a slightly sticky situation. A shiba inu followed his nose right into a bush…where he proceeded to become stuck. His reaction, though, is the funniest part of the whole situation.

He doesn’t seem to mind.


Honestly, he looks pretty at one with the natural scenery of the Japanese street.


“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just hanging out. Nothing to see!”


Perhaps this dog will learn not to trust his nose so much after this experience. Hopefully he got out of the bush in time for dinner because that can’t be too comfortable and I’m sure he got hungry eventually.

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