This Drummer Pug Will Be The Best Thing You See Today

We’ve seen a couple of videos of animals who just love music. They either have singing talents, or they have the skill in playing instruments. One very famous video of an animal playing an instrument is that cat who was playing a keyboard. That video now has over 41 million views!

But the new generation is here! So move over keyboard cat! This drummer Pug is here to take over!

This Pug looks so cool wearing his sunglasses as he’s playing his pink drums! And he’s totally rockin’ it, beating his drums to Metallica’s Enter Sandman! Check out the video below!

This Pug is so cool and awesome! I’d love to see him in a band! I wonder what the whole band would look like though! LOL!

Do you think your dog could pull this off? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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