This Dying Dog Had One Final Wish–To Be Loved

For any dog that is forced to live on the streets, they want more than anything to be loved. Often times they must eat scraps to survive, suffer with infestation, and sleep out in the dark with not even a blanket on the dirty ground. These dogs didn’t choose the life that they live, and deserve dignity just as other dogs who live in good homes have.

Meet Ol Boy, a stray dog that barely survived only to be brought into a vet shortly before he would take his last breath. Ol Boy was in horrific shape, unable to walk or hardly even move and covered in ticks. All this dog wanted more than anything was to be loved, to have a soft human touch, and most of all a home to call his own. Watch this incredible story of a random act of kindness by some special people who couldn’t see this dog suffer any longer.

Such a beautiful story for a dog that never really asked for much and just wanted someone to take a chance on him. Thankfully he received the peaceful goodbye that he rightfully deserved. Share Ol Boy’s beautiful story with your animal lover friends.

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