This Dying Veteran’s Last Wish Is To Find A Loving Home For His Service Dog

The saying “man’s best friend” couldn’t be any truer for Tristen and Kane. When doctor’s told Tristen that he only has months left to live, this army veteran was determined to find a loving home for his loyal service dog. Kane (a seven-year-old Doberman) and Tristen are more than just friends–they are best friends. Tristen was told that he had a rare form of brain cancer in March–which had already progressed to Stage IV when they discovered it. And this devoted owner couldn’t bear knowing that his best friend would be homeless once he was gone.

“He is my heart. I don’t have much time left and it’s very important to me to know that he’s going to have a good home.”

Tristen would not be able to handle losing his life and knowing that his best friend didn’t have a good home, so he made it his mission to find him one. It was his goal to find someone that could love and appreciate Kane equally as much as he did. Watch their touching story below, when Tristen was recently interviewed by a television station:

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