This Frenchie Has This Baby Rolling On The Floor Laughing (Literally!)

I’m sure we can all agree that dogs make great babysitters. Not only can they protect the baby, they are very good playmates too! Plus, dogs look so adorable when they try to watch over and play with the baby!

And dogs can also show kids how to have a good time. And they’re the best at making them laugh! Just like the cute French Bulldog in the video below!

This Frenchie named Rupert knows how to make the tiny human laugh! All he has to do is spin like crazy and the baby has fits of laughter and giggles watching him!

Awwwww…it’s like Rupert knew that his spinning made the baby laugh so he spun some more! They look so adorable together, don’t they?

Do you think your dog can be a good babysitter/playmate too? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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