This German Shepherd Is So Relieved His Missing Cat Friend Is Back Home

Have you ever had a pet that went missing? It feels horrible, doesn’t it?! All the worrying is just unbearable! But it’s such a relief when we are finally reunited with our lost pets. It’s like the happiest and most dramatic moment ever! And it turns out that it’s not just humans who worries about their missing pets. Their furry family misses them too!

Clyde the cat was missing for 12 days. And during the time he was missing, Clyde’s family was so worried about him. But it’s not just the family who misses him. Triton, the family’s German Shepherd misses Clyde too! Luckily, a neighbor returned Clyde to the family after he recognized him from a ‘Lost and Found’ ad. Watch the video below and see the adorable reunion of Clyde and Triton!

Aren’t they sweet? Triton really misses his furry friend! And it looks like Clyde misses him too! What an adorable pair!

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