This Giant Mastiff Is Trying To Learn How To Swim, But She Needs Dad’s Shoulder To Lean On.

Size has nothing to do with bravery. Sampson is a huge Mastiff dog, with a gently heart. He was always afraid to go in the water. His owner wanted to encourage Sampson to learn to swim. He even strapped a life jacket on the pup, but Sampson was still afraid. With all the love and tenderness of a caring man, Sampson’s owner led him to the pool. Face to face, with Sampson’s mighty front paws on his owner’s shoulders; they venture off the steps. It only took a little encouragement and the trust Sampson has in his owner and Sampson naturally began to dog paddle. His owner swam next to him as if to urge him on and to let Sampson know he was not alone and need not be afraid.

Though most dogs are not afraid of water and dogs like Sampson are the exception; most cats are afraid of water. Even large cats like the bobcat, cougar, lynx and snow leopards are afraid of water. The cat, domestic or wild that did is not afraid of water is the exception. In the dessert some large cats which are afraid of water may overcome the fear as they need to cool down.

Whether it is a dog, cat, or any other animal, if they have a fear of water, someone needs to gently help them overcome it. The help should come in the form of security, love and a strong pet owner can help him quickly and effectively to get past it enjoy the water.

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