This Great Big Dog Has The Tiniest New Friend

Most big dogs are actually gentle giants. These dogs may be huge in size, but they are still puppies on the inside. Some of them are even scared of the tiniest things. So, I guess we shouldn’t judge a dog by his/her size, right?

Just like this big Samoyed dog named Vidor. With his huge size, Vidor may seem a little bit intimidating. But his tiny friend sure is not intimidated by his size! Vidor has a tiny kitten friend. He is so gentle with the kitty, he doesn’t mind the kitty playing with his fur! Watch the adorable video below and see them playing together! It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve seen all week!

Aren’t they cute?! Vidor is such a gentle giant!
Have you ever had a huge dog who’s a gentle giant too? Share your stories and your videos with us!

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