This Greyhound Knows Exactly How To Enjoy The Summer

With summer right around the corner and the weather already really hot in some areas, it’s time to be prepared for warm-weather safety for both our four-legged friends and us. Letting your dog swim in pools or lakes in an excellent way to keep them exercised and cool. If you’re lacking motivation, let this adorable Greyhound get your move on and take your dog out for a swim! Sookie, the pup in this video, absolutely loves the water and isn’t going to let anyone stop her as he has some fun! Seeing her excitement makes us want to jump right in there with her. We’re still laughing at her joyous romp!

Whatever access to water you have, be it your hose or the beach, letting your dog cool off while exercising is a great way to keep them safe and fit during summer. At least as long as they enjoy it as much as Sookie does!

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